JAF Bearings

All Well Bearings is an authorized distributor of JAF bearings. The JAF brand born in 1946 when the Fujino Iron Works, Co. Ltd, was founded in Japan.  Today, it is a reliable producer of ball bearing products. All Well Bearings has a full stock of JAF Bearings and sourcing them directly from the JAF factory.

About JAF

Through its superior technical capability and a flexible manufacturing system capable of handling multiple-type, small-lot requirements, JAF special ball bearings are manufactured to meet specific customer needs.  The factory designs products made from high-carbon chrome bearing steel and other special steel materials (such as chrome molybdenum steel and stainless steel) to meet particular application requirements and can manufacture high-precision bearings with a variety of inner diameter configurations such as square, hexagonal, or oval or with outer diameter grooves that are, for example, U-shaped, V-shaped, or W-shaped.

JAF Products

JAF ball bearing products include among other products the following:

  • Single Row Ball Bearings
  • Double Row Ball Bearings
  • Track Rollers
  • Cylindrical Outer Ring Ball Bearings
  • Felt Seal Type Ball Bearings
  • Clutch Release Ball Bearings
  • Spherical Outside Ring Ball Bearings
  • Triple Seal Ball Bearings
  • Square Bore Ball Bearings
  • Insert Ball Bearings
  • Special Ball Bearings
The JAF Bearing catalog is 28 pages in length and includes detailed specifications for nine standard bearing types.